These 8 recordings sent to me by Fred Brown from the USA are from sessions in 1975 and were never released by ISLAND RECORDS. I think there are some really good moments and you will hear why Jess is rated as one of the great ‘unknown’ British singers. He is from the same town as Robert Plant and in fact they are good friends. Jess has extensive coverage on the net if you would like to learn more about him. The band is pretty funky! Check out drummer Pete Hunts 16ths on the hi-hat – right hand only! And his groove and economy.. John plays right in the pocket and Bruce wails like the Bluesman he is, I get to do some pre-Knopfler clean Strat on ‘Under suspicion’ (I was 22) and pull out some Claptonesque wide vibrato on track 8 and Chris and Ron blow some great notes.. Chris’ solo on ‘Celebrate’ is champagne!!


Band members:

Jess Roden – Lead Vocals
Pete Hunt – Drums
John Cartwright – Bass, Keyboards
Bruce Roberts – Guitar, Vocals
Steve Webb – Guitar, Vocals
Ron Taylor – Alto Saxophone
Chris Gower – Trombone


01. Celebrate  (John Cartwright)
02. Title and composer unknown
03. Lies, Lies, Lies  (J.J.Cale) 
04. Send it to you  (John Cartwright)
05. Love is all I need  (Composer unknown)
06. Talk about Loving  (Composer unknown)
07. Under Suspicion (Jess Roden)
08. I won’t let it die (Composer unknown)
solo : Guitar - Steve, Trombone - Chris
solo: Guitar - Bruce
solo: Guitar - Bruce
Bruce and Steve try to sing like Roxy Music!!
solo : Guitar - Steve
solo : Guitar – Steve, Sax - Ron
solo : Guitar - Steve
solo : Guitar – Steve,  Piano – John